On-Page Optimization

Research and Analysis
The first step is research. You are going to need to spend time evaluating the market of which your business pertains to, and seeing which keywords may be most beneficial to you. You also need to research local competitors to see how they are ranking and what keywords are being utilized on their sites.
Market Analysis: What keywords and rankings do your competitors have?
Keyword Research and Analysis: Which keywords, based off volume and competition, are going to work for you?

Keyword Selection: We analyzed your industry and completed keyword research. We took a list of the best performing keywords your customers will most likely be using while on search engines. We have taken only the competitive keywords with maximum search volume relating to the site.

Pre-optimization Report

Pre-optimization is an important process for any successful SEO Campaign. It is necessary to thoroughly
Study your company / business / service(s) / products / competitors / marketing goals / industry / target
Market / achievements etc. Using this pre optimization report we notify our clients about their actual site
Position in search engine results and also guides them to improve their site ranking by using our ethical SEO Services.

On Page SEO

Once we have all the appropriate date from the first milestone, we’re going to take that data and begin implementing it into your site. We’re going to need to begin using our keywords, optimizing your content, and making sure Google and other search engines are seeing your site, content, and images properly. Tasks for Step 2 include:

• Keyword Optimization and Implementation
• Web Page Design/Content/Layout Optimizations
• Image and Link Optimizations
• Title and Meta Description Optimizations
• HTML Code and Meta Content
• SEO Friendly Navigation Optimization
• HTML Validation
• Google Analytics Setup and Review
• Keyword Phrases Optimized
• Creation of Google Ad words Account
• Testing Link Popularity of all the keyword phrases
• Installation of Google Analytics and Analysis
• Installation of Webmaster Tools and Analysis
• Broken links checking
• W3C Validation of Home Page
• W3C Validation of Static Pages
• Browser Compatibility Checking (IE, Firefox, Safari, Lynx)
• Web page Load Time Checking
• Spider simulation (Only Home Page)
• Page Rank Distribution Across Website
• Google XML Sitemap
• Robot.txt Optimization
• Optimization of Titles and Meta Tags for high bounce rate pages
• Redesigning of parts of websites with higher bounce rates (Optional)
• H1 and H2 Tag Optimization
• Image Tag Optimization
• Copy-writing of higher bounce rate pages
• Key word density Analysis
• Internal Linking Pattern Analysis

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the measurement of the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a page compared to the total number of words on that page.